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Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum

Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
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Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
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  • Model: Barn Light 30 watt 3900Lum
  • Weight: 5.00lb
  • Dimensions: 12.00in x 9.00in x 7.50in
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  • ???? BARN LIGHT - With ultra-bright 3600lm brightness, our new generation LED barn light is much brighter than most latecomers in the market. With the more sensitive and accurate photo sensor, effectively reduces the interferences caused by other artificial light sources or reflective surfaces, it automatically turns on at night and stays off at daytime. Effectively avoid the waste of human and material resources
  • ???? BETTER WATERPROOF - Newly upgraded waterproof design - the wide housing brim covers the screw inner ring perfectly, effectively avoid seepage. Wet locations available, keep the lamp sharp even in the rain
  • ???? MORE DURABLE - The die-casting aluminum cooling fins get a stronger heat dissipation, and thus keep the lamp maintain more long-term and stable performance. The dark bronze die-casting aluminum back housing is corrosion & rust resistant and won’t fade even for decades
  • ???? EASIER INSTALLATION - Wide voltage range of AC120-277V, which makes our lamp more adaptable to a larger application range and cuts down unnecessary wastage caused by voltage instability. It can be fixed on the wall or by mounting arms(not included). 127° wide beam angle, Ø55ft large light coverage when mounted at 20 feet
  • ???? LESS ELECTRICITY - ETL listed for quality assurance and safe operation. With the 56 SMD high-quality chips, it is better than traditional 150W ones but only consumes 30 watts. It also saves up to $185 per light in electricity bills which is affordable to purchase several Alexa smart devices during its 50,000hrs prolonged lifetime. No more frequent replacement and maintenance
test 1 16GB
No. of Cores 4

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