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Remote Operated Light

  • Increased energy efficiency. The golden rule for saving electricity: The less time your lights are on, the lower your electricity bill will be. ...
  • Satisfied personal preferences. Lighting control systems offer intuitive flexibility. ...
  • Enhanced convenience. ...
  • Improved safety.
Exit sign Combo with remote capable Exit sign Combo with remote capable
New -71 %
Brand: 7Leds Model: Exit sign Combo with remote capable
LED Combo EMERGENCY EXIT SIGN with LED Heads (Red Letters) with remote capability *Injection-molded thermoplastic ABS housing,UL 94V-0 flame rating.*Innovative,easy installation in minutes*Letters 6″ height with 3/4″ stroke,Optional Red letters.*Salida faceplate available*Single or double face*..
$44.00 $150.00
Ex Tax:$44.00
LED Cylinder Up Down Wall Light, 40W LED Cylinder Up Down Wall Light, 40W
New --1 %
Model: 40 Watt
Full Color & Dimmable ✔24 different colors lights to choose, flexible to meet your specific lighting needs. The color remains at the previous setting when second enable it. 65ft RF Remote Controller Different color changes, brightness, flash and strobe can be realized by RF remote control. Fade ..
$89.99 $89.00
Ex Tax:$89.99
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