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6ft Cooler Door Led Light

6ft Cooler Door Led Light
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6ft Cooler Door Led Light
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  • Model: 6ft Cooler Door Led Light
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Model number: 6ft Led Cooler Door Light/ Refrigrator Door Light
Power consumption: 30 watts
Led number: 150 pieces of SMD 2835
Dimension(mm): Diameter 26mm   Length 1710 mm
Weight: 750 g
Lifespan: 50,000 hours
PC cover: Clear
Power factor: 0.90
Certificates: cUL, UL
Input Voltage: AC100-277V/AC100-382V, 50-60Hz

Optical Parameters:

luminous efficiency:more than 130lm/w
luminaire efficiency: 90%

Neutral White:   5000K     3900 lumens

Other Parameters

Operating Temperature(-30-50℃)
Stock Temperature: -35-70℃

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